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I have been married to my wife Susan for nearly 33 years and am the proud father of 4 boys; Michael 28, Jeff 26, Andy 21, and Jordan 16. We have lived in Lake Forest, California since we moved to Orange County in 1980 although I grew up on the San Francisco peninsula half way between San Francisco and San Jose.

My interest in plants grew from helping my father maintain our large yard. Oddly enough instead of resenting the chores, I actually became more interested in working with all the plants. I remember transplanting seedlings found around the yard and watching them grow. This upbringing made me eager to pursue studying Horticulture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

Upon graduation I moved to the Santa Cruz area and worked in a large greenhouse operation in Watsonville. This was one of the largest cut flower businesses in the state and was a good experience. This means we grew hundreds of varieties of flowers inside huge greenhouses and when they flowered they were then cut and sent off to florist stores all over the United States.

Part of my duties while I was there was as assistant grower in charge of propagating cuttings for the large Chrysanthemum flowers as well as planning and implementing the growing of the potted plants. I also got the opportunity to be in charge of constructing new greenhouses for the expanding cut rose production. The only way to get beautiful red roses to bloom for Valentine’s day is to grow them under glass in some of the biggest greenhouses I had ever seen!

Upon arriving in Orange County in 1980 I began working with the Mission Viejo Company as a Water Resource Management Coordinator with another Cal Poly graduate. I assisted in developing and maintaining a plant material test site with the goal of showing residents and property managers which plants could survive or even thrive with reduced water use. I loved doing this as it meant I was able to teach and help people pick the right plants for the right spot while at the same time helping them to save a scarce resource: water!

When that division closed I was put in charge of all the pool facilities for the Mission Viejo Company including their nationally recognized Olympic training facilities. I gained extensive experience in water and pool management while working with Olympic level coaches and swimmers. Working here helped me get a better understanding of the needs and nuances of ponds and fountains: the filters, water clarity, pH levels, everything needed to keep your water feature working and your fish alive.

John and Susan Wirth Starbright Landscape Lighting

In 1985 I decided to start my own landscape construction business. From 1985 to 1990 I installed many landscapes in the Orange County area specializing in custom residential design and installation. I knew then that I enjoyed working with people and making them thrilled with their new yards. As the economy declined I wisely accepted a position with a larger commercial / residential landscape company. This was a very shrewd move on my part because in my own business I had been focusing on residential yards and here was my opportunity to learn everything about the economies of scale. Commercial design and installation can cover huge multi acre projects, from parks to office patio areas and everything in between.

From there I was able to work with one of the most reputable pool builders in Southern California where I designed pools and landscapes and managed the installations. I was then brought in to work for one of the premier custom landscape companies in Southern California. I continued to improve my skills as a pool and landscape designer and was fortunate to win several design awards as judged by the California Landscape Contractors Association.

In 2003 I started Starbright Landscape and have worked with many great homeowners since then. I take pride in my ability to find solutions to problems that families have struggled with regarding their yards. I have seen many drainage, irrigation, lighting, and planting situations that were just not working and have been able to implement new designs or repairs to remedy the problems.

I really hope you give me the opportunity to see what we can design and create for you.

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