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I wanted to thank you for the work that you did on my front lawn. As you know, I was up against it with the way things were going on my lawn. I installed my artificial turf myself, however I wasn’t able to get it approved by the Homeowners Association.

By the time you came along, I had spent far more money than I had planned to spend on this project and needed help. You offered me a competitive bid and I accepted it. You told me what you would do and you did it. The day after you finished the work I requested the Homeowners Association to inspect the lawn, and they approved it.

John, you may not believe this, but I believe you were the answer to my prayers. I do believe that you will be rewarded, because that is what Jesus does.

- Richard Blake

On behalf of the entire Castille staff, student body, and parent community, I wish to thank you for the work that you organized for our field in December. It was through YOUR contacts that this project was even possible! We so appreciate that you were able to work around our school schedule, and especially grateful that you completed the work on Christmas Eve - what a gift! Attached you will see a photo of students playing on the portion of the field that was leveled, which had been previously unusable because of the rough terrain.

Thank you again for your assistance in getting this much needed project completed!

- Laura Lyon

Just wanted to say how pleased we were with you and your team's hard work and putting up with all my requests. Thank you for the extra time you guys put into our yard. Cathy and I are very excited to watch everything fill in and tinker with my new succulent garden.

- K. Sundberg
Mission Viejo

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