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So what happens when you decide to get your yard done?

We start off with a site visit where we meet with you and walk the project area and find out what you are trying to get accomplished. In this meeting we will ask what level of investment you are considering and we will then be able to tell you if you are in the right ballpark with the budget. If not, we’ll make recommendations to assist you in achieving your goal.

If a plan is necessary we will then give you a price for the plan and then we move to the exciting part, the design phase. This is where you get to see your vision come alive on paper.

In the conceptual plan we incorporate patios, wood patio structures, BBQ’s, fireplaces and fire pits, planters, pools and spas, ponds, waterfalls, lighting design, and anything else you decide you want to see in your yard that can be accommodated in the space you have. On the working plans we also complete the irrigation, lighting, drainage, and planting plans.

What if I have problems with my yard?

Small Front Yard Orange County Starbright Landscape Lighting

Drainage problems are often the result of poor grading or poor pipe installation. Repairing these problems may entail removing some existing structures or elements and reinstalling the piping correctly. The most common challenge is helping someone see past what they have lived with for many years. Dramatic changes can be very exciting but they can also cause anxiety. We will take time to walk you through the layout, often painting the shapes and locations on the ground which helps to bring the new concepts to life for you.

We have been able to bring new life to large yards down to condominium patios using the same process. I personally love working with people who are currently living with an old, outdated yard and know they want and need a change but aren't sure what that change is. I am able to give them a vision of what my idea will look like and have fun getting them excited about the idea.

Swimming Pool Patio and BBQ Area

One challenge was a small front yard for a new house close to the beach. The house was in a very desirable area but had a busy driveway serving the Post Office right over their short side wall. The Post Office traffic made using their front patio less appealing. We planted clumping bamboo in a row along the wall and the Post Office was invisible within 2 months.

Another challenge we faced was the design and construction of a waterfall and slide that a customer wanted to add to their existing pool. The way the slide needed to be built was going to force the swimmer too close to a side wall of the pool so we proposed reshaping that portion of the pool so it was safe to use the slide but also blended well with the existing shape of the pool. It turned out great.

Going Green?

On a smaller scale, we were working with a small patio and a small budget. The owner wanted to remove the existing concrete pavers and install a new concrete patio. We built a bid based on the removal of the existing patio, perimeter plants, and the installation of the new pots and irrigation. We realized that the bid was not going to work so we proposed an overlay on the concrete using complementary colors and design.

With this solution we were able to use the existing concrete which saved a lot of money that would have gone into breaking up and removal of the concrete. As an added benefit we had less debris going to the local landfill which is always a desirable outcome. This also meant the owner could have the ceramic pots and plants they really liked and now the patio really looks great.

Small Patio Flower Bed with Fountain Small Patio Fountain Laguna Hills California

To Drip, or to Spray? That is The Question...

We are proponents of using water saving products and plants. There are many great irrigation products on the market that we can install to reduce the amount of water used by the landscape. We use MPR Rotors sprinkler heads for both turf and plantings to apply water more slowly which in turn reduces wasteful runoff. This is especially important on slopes.

Using Agrifim drip line for plantings is an outstanding way to manage the amount of water applied to the landscape. This eliminates water lost due to wind and runoff. Sprinklers are installed in zones which are controlled by individual valves so it is important to design beds and borders so that plants with similar water requirements are planted together in each zone. With proper plant selection in mind your yard does not have to look like an arid desert but it can certainly save you a lot of money in lost water or too much watering.

Many of the more common landscape plants will tolerate reduced watering when applied correctly. The installation of “smart timers” such as the Weathermatic Smart Controller helps manage the proper application of water by using weather data, sprinkler type, and soil type in your yard to decide if the sprinklers should actually come on or not. This saves you money by not watering when it’s raining for instance or only running when the soil needs it rather than watering for the sake of it.

Perennial, Annual, Tree or Shrub?

Selecting the proper plants whether trees, shrubs, or ground cover is a very important part of the process, if the wrong plant is put in the wrong place it will not thrive which means you will end up replacing it. That not only costs you time but money and the loss of a cohesive look in your yard. No one wants gaps from dead plants and shrubs so we make sure every plant we put in the ground is where it should be to get the right amount of water, sun, or shade.

Want something different or unusual?

Beautifully Landscaped Yard - Patio - Gazebo and Koi Pond By Starbright Landscape Lighting

We always try to incorporate as many elements into your yard as your budget allows. Adding running water can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make. Whether it is a koi pond and waterfall or a pondless waterfall and stream you can’t go wrong. The sound of running water helps hide the sound of nearby traffic or simply adds a very peaceful background to a quiet setting. Installing a pondless water feature adds the beauty of the running water without the maintenance or liability of a pond or open water in the garden. In this case the water is stored underground ready to be recycled up to the waterfall and we use real rocks for a perfectly natural look.

Ready to Light up Your Life?

Installing low voltage lighting is a must to enhance your investment. Without lighting your yard has no life at night. Properly placed professional grade fixtures allow you to enjoy your patios, ponds, and landscape when the sun sets. It is amazing how a nicely placed fixture can make even a simple stucco wall look great at night. Lighting stone walls, BBQ’s, or fireplaces can really set your yard apart. Adding lighting to enhance certain architectural elements of the house can be not only very dramatic but also adds safety.

Landscape Lights at Night by Starbright Landscape Lighting

We use TOP Lights and FX Lumiere fixtures that have a lifetime guarantee for structural integrity. The stainless steel transformers we install also carry a lifetime guarantee which gives you long standing peace of mind. Using these multi-tap transformers we are also able to guarantee a perfectly balanced installation. This means that the light on the left side of your yard will be as powerful as the fixture on the right side. We use state of the art LED technology to allow greater design flexibility and dramatically reduce the operating cost of the garden lighting system.

Dare I be Bold?

Patio Cover Gazebo Huntington Beach California

Patio covers, gazebos, and trellises can add a very bold element to your garden. These structures can be both functional and purely aesthetic depending on the design and placement. Placing a trellis with a flowering vine over a seating area would be a wonderful final touch in the garden and offers a lovely shady retreat at the same time.

The use of stone in the masonry flatwork truly sets the stage in the landscape. There are so many beautiful stones that can be used in the flatwork such as slate, flagstone, or Travertine for patios, steps, planter walls, pool coping, BBQ’s, fireplaces, and firepits. The extensive use of stone, although beautiful, can be hard on the budget so we usually only use stone as accents, depending on your budget, of course. Using stone is a great way to tie the look of the front yard to the back and can tie the décor of the inside of the house to the outside.

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